Theses and Dissertations

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Collections Overview

The Department of Anthropology curates collections that are available for teaching, research, exhibition, and public programming.  We provide public education through exhibitions on campus, public lectures, events, and outreach activities with K-12 and other audiences.  In addition, teaching collections are utilized in training undergraduate and graduate students.  Faculty, students, and scholars from UW-Madison and other institutions access our collections for research.

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Learn more about our extensive archaeology collection, currently comprising about 3,500 cubic feet of space and mostly representing the pre-contact period of southcentral and southwest Wisconsin.


Learn more about our biological anthropology collection, representing primates, hominins, and modern humans from around the world.


Learn more about our ethnographic collection, with objects originating from a multitude of locations around the world.

Teaching Collections

Learn more about our teaching collections, spanning an impressive temporal and spatial breadth.


Learn more about our archives, the vital documents that tell us more about our collection objects.

Theses and Dissertations

Learn more about our thesis and dissertation collection, representing almost 100 years of a successful graduate program.

Notable Collections within the UWAC