As an institution of higher learning and research, the University of Wisconsin-Madison strongly supports new and innovative research projects.

Active research projects vary: from undergraduate student semester projects, to graduate student thesis and dissertations, to faculty and staff research interests. Any professional with an interest in analyzing the UWAC holdings are encouraged to visit the collection and further our knowledge of these unique collections.

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Search for Data

Visit the online database (Coming Soon!) to start your search. The information provided should answer a majority of the initial questions researchers have.

Using the results from the database search, contact the Curator to learn more or request a site visit or loan.

Plan a Site Visit

Complete the Request for Access form and submit to the Curator to schedule a site visit for research purposes. Due to limited available lab space and limited staff, we ask for flexibility but will attempt to accommodate requested days and times as much as possible.

Request a Loan

In-person research is strongly encouraged in lieu of loans when possible for researchers accessing the UWAC collections. Collections are provided on loan only after a detailed review process and loans are only provided to persons with an institutional affiliation (loans to private citizens are not allowed, per our collections policy).

If a loan is necessary to complete a research project, complete the Loan Request form and submit it to the Curator for review and approval.

Destructive Sampling/Intrusive Analysis

Destructive sampling results in the permanent loss of collection objects, and intrusive sampling usually results in permanent modification of collection objects. Therefore, such requests are seriously reviewed by the Collections Committee before granting permission.

If you are interested in using any of the UWAC collections in a destructive sampling project, please contact the Curator.

Request an Image for Publication

All images in the UWAC hold a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC4.0) license. Images may be used for non-commercial purposes, as long as appropriate credit is provided (“University of Wisconsin-Madison Anthropology Collection”).

If you would like to use an image for commercial purposes, or would like access to a specific image for CC BY-NC4.0 use, please contact the Curator for approval and applicable pricing.

Curation Agreements

The UWAC recognizes the need for long-term repositories for archaeological material that is recovered as a result of federal and/or state law (Cultural Resource Management, or CRM, projects). We provide this service for a set fee of $1,000/cubic foot (standard banker box size), minimum 1 box per deposit. Curation Agreements/Deposits are accepted on a case-by case basis, after a rigorous assessment/review process.

If you are looking for a repository for your CRM project material, please submit a Request for Deposit form to the Curator.

If you are preparing collections for deposit, please refer to the Policies and Guidelines page for our current curation standards.

Meet our Collections Researchers!

Sissel Schroeder

Credentials: Ph.D., Anthropology, RPA

Position title: Professor of Anthropology, UW-Madison

5434 Sewell Social Science Building
1180 Observatory Drive
Madison, Wisconsin 53706

Janet Speth

Credentials: M.A., Anthropology

Position title: Visiting Researcher