The UW Anthropology Collection provides instructional content for department courses, to encourage expanded pedagogical opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students. This can take the form of specialized teaching kits, covering specific topics, to extensive collections stored and managed in the classroom in which they are most used. Our collections routinely serve a number of offered courses, including:

ANTHRO 100, “General Anthropology”
ANTHRO 102, “Archaeology and the Prehistoric World”
ANTHRO 105, “Principles of Biological Anthropology”
ANTHRO 212, “Principles of Archaeology”
ANTHRO 302, “Hominoid Evolution”
ANTHRO 303, “Human Skeletal Anatomy”
ANTHRO 310, “Topics in Archaeology”
ANTHRO 354, “Archaeology of Wisconsin”
ANTHRO 370, “Field Course in Archaeology”
ANTHRO 391, “Bones for the Archaeologist”
ANTHRO 405, “Introduction to Museum Studies in Anthropology”
ANTHRO 411, “The Evolution of the Genus, Homo”
ANTHRO 490, “Undergraduate Seminar”
ANTHRO 690, “Problems in Anthropology”
ANTHRO 696, “Archaeological Methods of Curation”
ANTHRO 698/699, “Directed Study”

Biological Teaching Labs


The Anthropology Department manages two classrooms that are used for teaching biological anthropology classes. Both rooms were renovated in 2009 through a UW-sponsored ILM (Instructional Lab Modernization) grant.

Collections Teaching Labs